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The Northwest Parkway is a public road, 100% privately funded. No Federal/ State funds or tax dollars were/are used to build and maintain the road. To ensure operating requirements, service debt, and maintain a high quality level of service and safety for our customers, the Northwest Parkway rely only on the collection of tolls. The applicable tolls and fees for its usage are subject to change from time to time in accordance with the Concession Lease Agreement. CLICK HERE for a current toll and fee schedule.

The Northwest Parkway is a separate toll road from E470.  As separately owned and operated businesses, our pricing structures and business rules may differ.  Both Northwest Parkway and E470, however, do accept the ExpressToll pass as payment for our tolls.  For information regarding ExpressToll, please visit  If you do not have an ExpressToll account and you drive on both the Northwest Parkway and E470, you will receive 2 separate bills in the mail.

CLICK HERE to learn about GO-PASS™ on Northwest Parkway.






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